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July 23, 2011

Much thought and consideration has gone into the subject of individuals being financially compensated to perform “angling” duties. This matter is being focused on due to the fact that the allowance of this practice would damage the tournament’s reputation of insuring angling "fairness" for all who compete.

Discussion - We wish to make it clear that this tournament holds the position that "angling" is simply a function within a sport. There are experienced anglers and there are novices - there are lucky anglers and there are anglers who seem to possess neither the luck nor the skill to win this event. Certainly under the existing laws that pertain to discrimination - this tournament has no intent of making the decision on “who” in the sport has the talent to compete. This organization does however have the right to bar those who would intentionally ignore tournament rules.

Due to the known fact that the majority of the contestants in this tournament are not paid to angle - it is decided that “paid" anglers will not be allowed to compete. Furthermore, from the date of this position statement forward - anglers who accept the ABMT's prestigious anglings awards will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that they were not “paid” to angle during tournament hours.

To be clear... we make no reference to an angler who is provided transportation to the tournament and competes as the guest of a boat owner. Likewise, we are also not concerned with an angler being housed or provided meals as the guest of a boat owner. Continuing to clarify our position, there are no issues with “non-paid” anglers sharing in the cash earnings of a team.

The ABMT remains steadfast in its mission to provide angling awards that are based on “fair” angling practices and it leaves it up to the individual anglers to master the skills of their sport.