Getting Around St. Thomas

Click to enlarge mapThe island of St. Thomas is only 13 miles long and 4 miles wide so anywhere you stay you'll be able to enjoy MarlinFest. But... how will you get around? You'll proably spend much of the late afternoons on the docks in Red Hook (boats get in around 6:30 p.m.) hearing fish stories and seeing old friends - but... you'll probably also want to shop, sightsee and visit popular restaurants during your stay on the island.

Here we make traveling the island easier to understand. Also, check out the MarlinFest activities offered via PayPal because one (Welcome Party at Paradise Point) includes transportation and the Golf Tournament affords the option of purchasing a transfer to the golf course.

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Car Rental

If you plan to be active, the best way to get around the island is by rental car. Budget Car Rentals on St. Thomas is an ABMT sponsor and has many types of cars to offer (we prefer a Jeep for exploring) and the vehicle can be picked up right at the airport. The driving on the left becomes easier with practice and Budget's service is great! For MarlinFest rates go to their website: Here or call them at: 340-776-5774. You can also email them: Email Be sure to request code: L7759500

Taxi Transportation

Negotiate the price before you get in! A destination as popular as St. Thomas must have a huge taxi fleet! And they are everywhere... Taxis can easily be found at the airport and in front of the hotels we feature. They are also found on the streets and are officially identified displaying a "TAXI" sign on their roof top. Note: Gypsy drivers will not have a sign.

Rates are set by the VI Government's Taxi Commission and each driver should have a tariff (rate sheet) in their possession. It's recommended that you do not accept a ride without clearly communicating and agreeing with the rate that is quoted by the driver.

Going Local - Taking the "Dollar" Bus

Recommended you do not take after Dusk! The island has a very unique form of getting from place to place called the "Dollar Bus" system. This is a very economical form of transportation on open air - bench seating - vehicles. You can ride from one end of the island to the other for as little as $2.00 and hop off at your personal stop by pushing the buzzer that is usually found overhead.

This is a great way to get a little "local" culture and while we recommend it for daylight travel... we do not recommend it after dusk. Stand anywhere on the side of the main route to town and put your hand in the air when you see an open air "Safari" bus approaching. Before getting on ask if this is the "Dollar Bus" and confirm the price with the driver. Don't try to hide it... the driver already knows you are a tourist! To learn more go: Da Dollar Bus & Taxi Rates

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