v USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament


The ABMT is bringing home a beautiful blue marlin mount that was traditionally displayed from our booth at the Miami Intl. Boat Show. The show has moved to its new Key Biscayne location and sadly the 12 year run of the 'Big Game Room' is over. Rather than storing the fish in hopes that the show will someday return to the Miami Beach Convention Center - we've donated the mount to the VI Port Authority and it will soon reside inside the St. Thomas airport.

The mount represents the giant IGFA 'All Tackle' World Record 1,282 lb. Atlantic Blue Marlin that was caught on the North Drop by angler Larry Martin aboard Xiphias on August 6, 1977. Our "return it home" effort is within a few weeks of completion and has become a community project. It began with Gray Taxidermy's generous re-touching and crating of the mount. Crowley shipping then donated the ocean freight (filled up a 20' container) to St. Thomas and they are presently storing the fish. Jeff Hart and his team at 'Yacht Carpentry Plus' built a sturdy display base and Wilbert of MVP primed it and plans are to glue on a piece of ocean blue carpet around it. Today (6/16) the boys of Stewart's 'Neptune Fishing Supply' trucked heavy wooden 2x6 planking to 'My Brother's Workshop' and to its young carpenters who will build an 8'x 8' "dock" section, complete with magazine boxes and corner posts w/roping to protect the mount from public touch. Also, many thanks to our ABMT friends who've donated cash for the purchase of raw materials!

Updated photos of the progress will soon come and naturally a small airport dedication is in order!