In 2017 the ABMT will be fishing by IGFA rules only and with the standard "Team" format (sometimes known as a "Boat Tournament) that is popular with the majority of the tournaments in the Caribbean. A team may consist of 1-4 anglers.


All hookups must be reported on VHF channel 19. If a fish is lost for any reason it must be reported. Released fish shall be reported at time of release and include Boat name, Angler name, Species and if the fish was tagged. A fish is considered released when the mate grabs the leader or the swivel or wind-on touches the rod tip. Time issued by committee boat will be official time to be recorded on release affidavit.


A billfish release affidavit must be completed and submitted to the committee along with digital images of each release by 7:30pm each day. Boats fishing out of the BVI must have affidavit and images submitted by 7:30 on the last day. Digital Images must include: CORRECT DATE AND TIME, DAY ID MARKER, ANGLER FIGHTINGTHE FISH, POSITIVE FISH SPECIES IDENTIFICATION and PROPER RELEASE. The boat must be able to supply all connections to their device necessary for the committee to view the images on a computer or moniter. If ANY of the above requirements for confirmation are not met, the fish may be disqualified by the judges. Judges decisions are final. All imaging may be used in any way by the ABMT.


Any protests must be submitted in writing to the committee before 6:30 on the final day of the tournament. The Tournament committee’s decision is final.