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News Letter - November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings from the Virgin Islands! It’s the time of the year to say “thanks” to our friends in the sportfishing industry. The past few years have been a real growth period and we would not have been so successful without the support of our fishing friends and sponsors. Wanted to keep you abreast of our activities.

Projects and Progress

IGFA Certified Observers - The IGFA “COP“ force is getting stronger and by the way, the next certification course is scheduled for Dec. 9th at the IGFA Headquarters. We feel this is one of the best programs IGFA operates to promote conservation. More and more tournaments are calling for observers and that means many more observers are going to be needed! We think those who have enjoyed sizeable winnings from tournament fishing - should themselves become an IGFA Certified Observer! An alternative to giving time back to the sport - is to donate $$ in support of the observer program.

Big Game Room (BGR) – The sports fishing industry responded like gangbusters to our invitation to participate in this “grass roots” project. In just two years the BGR is billed as the Largest Sports Fishing Expo on the Planet! The 3rd Annual Big Game Room will take place at the Miami Intl. Boat Show on Feb. 16-20, 2006. There is so much going on, you’ll want to get there early to see everything! The tackle manufacturers will be touting new products and the fishermen will be lined up to buy them. Passing the Cruzan “Marlin Bar” you will bump into all your old friends - and they will be telling the same old fish stories. Up on stage, you’ll see the latest in outdoor fashions - and maybe you'll want to sit there for a while longer to listen the talks of fishing experts from around the world. Enjoy the colorful art, purchase the latest in lure designs and meet the folks in the tournament booths who are vying for your business (that be us!). It’s also fun to stop by the "Bait Rigging Station" to catch up on the latest rigging techniques, and new this year... is the addition of the “Flats Room” for those who enjoy shallow water and backcountry fishing. Thousands of fishermen will be coming to the Big Game Room and we hope you'll be among them! Want to speak, volunteer to rig baits or exhibit? Visit the BGR website Go BGR

Bermuda Triangle Series – The BTS is off the ground and is headed into its third season. We’ve found that our design is right on target - experienced fishermen are seeking new challenges and the big boat owners are purchasing them with the intent to travel. Like the ABMT or “Boy Scout” - the BTS is attracting some of the best anglers and crews in the industry. Progress made this past year included our ability to “in house” promote the series via our website at www.abmt.vi (to date 17,500 visitors have read 95,000 pages) and we introduced our beautiful Ed Pang perpetual trophy. Most important is the fact that we’ve further developed relations and friendship on the islands we visit - and good too is that more sponsors are coming onboard due to the exposure of three tournaments. Next we are straight ahead with our plans to film the Bermuda Triangle Series. This will be our biggest undertaking yet. We will attempt to bring the entire experience of Big Game Fishing into the homes of millions of viewers who would otherwise never be able to enjoy the sport. We are now in the stages of putting together the team of fishing experts who will oversee the filming - and we're developing a business plan for those interested in advertising and or in partnering with us.

2006 Dates: Harbour Island, Bahamas (June 8-10), Bermuda (July 7-9) and St. Thomas, USVI (Aug. 6-10).

What’s on the Horizon? The development of new tournaments is definitely in the plans. Why work so hard at this? Simply to create new profit centers in order to fund more Scouting programs. A newly announced goal is the development of a marine/vocational training facility here on St. Thomas. The intent is to teach kids (on island and from other islands too) how to enjoy and protect their marine environment. We're on the move!

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jimmy Loveland and Team of Volunteers
1-888-234-7484 or 340-775-9500
Website: www.abmt.vi