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Article - August 2006



Marlin Men, Marlin Men, from me at one time you had little respect
Truly an adventure that I would always reject.
I thought you just wasted your time, trawling for hours at sea
Returning with nothing to show after being out there for an eternity.

To St. Thomas I came to see what this Boy Scout Tournament was all about
I could feel the intense energy on the first day and that is no doubt
With marlin flags flying on your return, I just listened for I had lots to learn
While hearing the stories my respect was beginning to take a turn.

The energy is heating up and it is tournament day two
I wanted to know more of what those Marlin Men do, but to myself I had to be true.
Sure I go fishing as often as I can, on my boat I am the captain and choose my days
So I could avoid the rough and treacherous seas in many a ways.
Don't get seasick on my boat and cry to go home, I may never let you come again
I'll tell you the seas are not for boys that they are for men.

Here it is now tournament day three and all of this energy is got control internally
I know out there it's too rough for me I don't give a damn just get me out to sea.
I've come this far I may never get a chance again
I need to go and check out those Marlin Men.

Jimmy says ok my friend you can handle it you can be bold
He got me a ride on the elegant boat named Black Gold.
Yes I got sick, hugged the bucket and puked for a while
But my, my, my, when I watched that pit crew they had some style.

Wind, wind, wind, get in those teasers, get in that line
All this done with precision and in record time.
Everything is packed away oh so neat, now the pit is all clear.
The angler is winding away with his ass glued to the chair.

This was the first time marlin fishing for me
I saw this happen not just once, but three times successfully.
In me you have surely found a new friend
So next time I come please take me out again.
You have earned my respect for I now understand
Of what it takes to become Marlin Man.

Shinah 08/2006

Note: Shinah (right in photo) lives in Bermuda and is in charge of the Boy Scouts on that island. Like all Bermudians he enjoys the sea, mostly diving for lobsters and fishing the inshore reefs. He was our invited guest at the 2006 ABMT "Boy Scout" tournament. He worked hard as a member of our tournament committee and on the morning of the third day, he asked if I could find him a ride. I was surprised by his request because it had been blowing hard for two days, I didn't think he would want to go out in it.

Capt. Keith and Sarge of Black Gold agreed to take Shinah along, provided that he would bring them good luck. Indeed, three marlin were caught and Shinah came back to the dock all smiles!

Along comes the night of the Awards Banquet and Shinah asks if he can read something he had written during the lay day. On stage in front of 300 fishermen he reads "Marlin Men" and afterwards there was a standing ovation!!

Photo above - Scouting Director Matt Holmes invites his Bermuda counterpart Shinah Simons to the "Boy Scout" Tournament in the Virgin Islands.