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2011 June Moon Totals: 16 boats reporting
195 Blue Marlin Raised - 133 Blue Marlin Released
21 Whites Raised - Released 11

06/18/11 The June Moon is wrapping up, but not because the fish quit biting! Fishing a half day on what we call the airport run - Mojito was 1/2+2 and typical Sam of Revenge went 1/2+1 on the way to the plane. The steady picking Therapy crew were 1/2 and 1/1 on whites, Marlin Prince 1/1 and Hoosier Buddy went 0/2 on blues and 0/1 on whites. The best story of the day came from visiting Puerto Rican boat Victoria going 3/3 and 12 year-old Carlos Enrique Franco (his friends call him Calique) catching his his first blue marlin! Today's report includes the blue marlin catches of an 84 year old and a 12 year-old! It will be year 2083 when Carlos reaches Sam's age!! Photo right: Mojito's Jose Valdes Jr. or "Pico" reaches milestone of 300th blue marlin. Congratulations to all on a great June Moon!

06/17/11 Sorry for the delayed report due to power issues. Revenge 2/4+1 blues and 1/1 whites. Hoosier Buddy 2/3+1 blues and 1/1 whites. Mixed Bag 3/4, Therapy 2/3+1 and Mojito 3/5+2 lookers.

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06/16/11 WAPA is off - but the bite is on! Revenge 2/6 and sure enough, Marlin Prince bounced back going 3/4 on blues and 1/1 on whites. Mojito 3/5+1 on blues and 0/1 whites. Hoosier Buddy 1/1+1 blues, 0/1 whites. Therapy 2/2 and 1/1 whites. Welcome Reel Tight!

06/15/11 Full Moon tonight! Fishing was good again today. Top Boat was Jose's Mojito going 5/5+1 with female 1st. mate Aileen Maal kicking butt on the leader! Revenge did their steady pick going 3/3 and Hoosier Buddy Cujo was 1/1 on blues and 0/2+1 on whites. Therapy 2/3 and Marlin Prince 0/1 and looking to bounce back! Scottie Kerrigan photo.

06/14/11 Slowed down today and there were fewer boats fishing. Revenge was 1/4+1, Black Gold 0/0, Mojito 2?, Chach on airport run 1/1, Hoosier Buddy 3/?, Marlin Prince 1/3+2, About Time Frank 3/3, Black Pearl 0/1.

06/13/11 To the skeptics who question the effects of the full moon on blue marlin fishing... hope you've been watching these fishing reports! Damon and the crew of Chach were the hot ticket today - they were 7/10 on blue marlin and 1/3 on white marlin. Revenge came in next going 5/6 (Jon 3 and Sam 2), Prime Time PR 4/5+1 and 0/1+1 on whites and Capt. Red Bailey's Abigail III was 4/5. Sixteen year-old Korey Bowling of Indiana fishing on Hoosier Buddy released his first blue marlin today - fish was estimated to be over 400 lbs and they released another. Marlin Prince was 0/1, Black Gold 1/2+1 and Jose on Mojito was 2/5. Black Pearl was 1/? and that concludes today's North Drop report!

06/12/11 We're having a good time! Revenge 2/3 (Jon is down fishing with his father), Mojito 0/1+3 on blues and 1/1 whites. Batichica (PR) 2/2, Therapy 1/2, Black Gold 0/2, About Time Frank 1/4, Hoosier Buddy 3/4+1, Chach 3/4 blues, 0/1 whites and 0/1 sailfish. Prime Time PR 3/4 blues and 1/1 whites. Weather is beautiful. Good luck to everyone in the Big Rock!

06/11/11 June Moon is turning out great! 18 year old Shelbie Goins is seen in photo catching her first blue marlin aboard Therapy - many thanks to photographer Scott Kerrigan and Shelbie for brightening up our report! Everyone had a good day - Revenge 1/2, Marlin Prince 1/2 (in just a few hours of fishing), Therapy 2/3 + 1, Batichica (PR) 2/5, Capital Punishment 1/2, Black Gold 3/3 + 2, Mojito 2/4 + 1, Lady Magic (PR) 2/2 + 3, Chach 2/4, and Hoosier Buddy 1/2 +2. About Time Frank 2/?. Prime Time PR fought a fish for a long time and we didn't get their full report but at least 1/3.

06/10/11 Everyone saw fish - Therapy 1/6 on blue marlin and it was Hunter's first. Revenge 1/3 + 1, Lady Magic of PR 1/3 +1, Hoosier Buddy 1/3 +1 and 0/1 whites. Chach's Damon and Dom's are out of the hole going 2/5.

06/09/11 The bite is on... for some. Harry's Black Gold was on fire today going 5/5 + 2 (two in the teasers that didn't bite). Revenge 2/3 blues and 1/1 whites. Chach watched everyone catch fish but they didn't get a bite. It'll be their turn tomorrow and Big and Little Dom's arrived this afternoon to bring on the luck! Also visiting for the week and riding aboard his old home on the Revenge is friend and photographer Scott Kerrigan.

06/08/11 Been pouring cats and dogs here for a week! Today, Revenge 3/4 and 0/1 whites. Marlin Prince 0/1 Blues, 0/2 whites. Black Gold 2/3 Blues and Chach 0/2.

06/07/11 Ok... here we go for the June Moon reports: Today the Black Gold was 1/1 on blue marlin. Prime Time Butch with famed angler John Tierney was 2/5. Capt. Cujo on Hoosier Buddy was 0/0 today but they were hot last week in the dark - going 7/12 on blues (4 one day) and 2/6 on whites - all in 4.5 days of fishing! Revenge starts up tomorrow so hang on, we are off to the races for Summer 2011!