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07/17/11 Tonight will conclude the July Moon reports. Fewer boats to report on today but the fishing was decent: Reel Pushy 2/2 on blue marlin +1 that didn't eat, Prime Time Butch 2/3, Blackout 1/1, Coral C 0/2, Foxi Lady 1/2, Mojito 2/2 (airport run), Legal Drug 1/3 +1 and Dona Lucy 2/2 (half day on way back to Puerto Rico). The August Moon reports and the ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament results will be coming soon! Tournament fishing dates are Aug. 10, 11, 12, 14. All boats and anglers must be registered by Aug. 1st. (see register button at top right). Readers, sign up to win the prizes in the free "Boat Pool" contest shown above.

07/16/11 Best day of the July Moon so far and the smaller Puerto Rican boats have been kicking butt! Dona Lucy (PR) 3/3 on blue marlin, Lady Lane 0/1, Revenge 1/1 +2, Therapy 0/0 (short day), Black Gold 0/0 +1, Legal Drug (PR) 0/3+1, Hoosier Buddy 2/2 blues, 0/1 whites, Blackout 0/1 +1, 0/1 whites, Dos Rosas 1/1, Prime Time Butch 1/1+ 1, Coral C 0/1, Tysons's Pride 1/1 +2, Reel Pushy 1/1, Batichica (PR) 1/1 whites, 0/3 blues. Gulf Rascal 1/3 +1, Mojito 1/1 blues, 0/1 whites. Arabita 1/2, Ay Caramba 1/2.

We missed being there last night when Taylor Lambert age 12 came in on Reel Tight with her 761 lb. Tiger shark. The fight lasted 3 hours on 80lb. line. Photo courtesy of Robert "Fly" Navarro. Dad is proudly having Taylor's catch mounted!

07/15/11 The fishing picked up today and there is a full moon tonight! Fleet Report: High Boat of the day was Arabita going 3/5 on blue marlin. Revenge was 2/3 +1, Marlin Prince 0/0, Ay Caramba 1/2, Black Gold 1/1 +1, Therapy 0/2. Chach 1/? (short day on airport run), Mojito 2/3 Legal Drug 1/1, Dos Rosas 1/2 +1 blues and 1/1 whites. Batichica 1/1, Prime Time Butch 0/2, Hoosier Buddy 1/3, Dona Lucy 1/2 on whites, Coral C 0/3. A much better day!

07/14/11 Last Day of 2011 VIGFC's 48th. Annual 'July Open" Billfish tournament. Sam Jenning's Revenge starts out the final day ahead but not by much - the tournament is up for grabs by anyone who gets lucky today! Seas are flat like the calm before the .... Good Luck to the fleet and readers standby for constant updates today! quickie view of standings final standings: black gold (1st.), mixed bag (2nd.) and revenge (3rd.). congratulations winners! a good time was had at the club's awards banquet tonight. today's fleet totals: 0/1+2, gulf rascal 0/0, black gold 2/2, prime time butch 1/1, mixed bag 2/3, ay caramba 0/0, lady lane 1/2, batichica 0/0, amiria 1/3, sandman 0/0, dona lucy 0/1, reel tight 0/1. didn't get to mojito or reel pushy. fishing was overall slow by virgin islands standards. let's see what happens in the next few days on the backside of the moon. readers - many thanks for your following, a record 359 unique visitors were recorded today. sign up for the free boat pool above while you are here reading the fishing report! See VIGFC Tournament Press Release #5

07/13/11 That's photographer Scott Kerrigan gliding past "A" Dock aboard Reel Tight - he's everywhere! Day 2. of the 'July Open' and it's a beautiful day in Paradise. Let's hope the fish appreciate it! Maudi just called from Australia - she's very excited about coming for the Aug. 10-14 "Boy Scout" Tournament and is looking forward to seeing her friends. See updated VIGFC'July Open' results: Quickie View Fleet Report: Slow for this time of the year. Gulf Rascal 0/0+1, Black Gold 0/0, Sultrap 0/0, Therapy 1/1, Foxi Lady 0/1, Revenge 2/3, Lady Lane 1/1, Hooiser Buddy 1/3, Mixed bag 2,3, Chach 1/1 +1, Batichica 0/0, Prime Time Butch 1/2, Tyson's Pride 0/0, Coral Sea 0/0, Reel Tight 0/2, Amirita 2/?, Reel Pushy 1/2, Mojito 1/1. Welcome the beautiful Ay Caramba. See VIGFC Tournament Press Release #4

07/12/11 Damon's Chach heads out this morning to be on the North Drop by 8:30 tournament start time. Tournament Today: quickie view here is the fleet rundown: revenge 1/1 blues, 1/1 whites. lady lane 1/2, sandman 0/1 + 2. gulf rascal 1/2, foxi lady 2/4, therapy 0/2 on whites. black gold 3/3 + 3 (leading tournament 1st. day), mojito 1/1, mixed bag 0/2, sultrap 0/1, hoosier buddy 0/1 blues +2, 0/1 whites. prime time butch 1/2 (welcome steve), reel pushy ?/? didn't get their report. reel tight 2/5, tyson's pride 2/4, amirita 0/1, coral sea 1/3. batichica 0/4 on blues and chach 0/2+ 1. See VIGFC Tournament Press Release #3

07/11/11 Tonight was the fun Kick Off Party for the VIGFC's 48th Annual 'July Open' Tournament. The boats (9 top contestants) will be fishing Tues, Wed. and Thurs. The weather is perfect and the fishing will be hot so stay tuned for the results! Today the fishing was good: Revenge 2/2, Lady Lane 1/2, Marlin Prince 1/3, Sandman 0/0, Therapy 1/1 blues and 1/1 whites. Foxi Lady 1/1, Gulf Rascal 0/0, Mojito 1/2, Black Gold 1/1 blues, 2/2 sailfish. Amirita 1/2, Chach 2/2 +1 blues, Reel Tight 0/2. See VIGFC Tournament Press Release

07/10/11 Weather was beautiful but the fishing was slower today. Sandman 0/0 +2, Marlin Prince 2/2, Foxi Lady 0/1, Black Gold 1/1, Revenge 1/? (didn't get their report), Therapy 1/1, Hoosier Buddy 0/0, Amirita 0/1, Lady Lane 1/1 blues and 1/1 whites. Mojito 2/4, Abigail III 2/4 and Reel Tight 0/3. The VIGFC 'July Open' starts Tuesday so there will be plenty to report. We were briefly visited today on "A" Dock by Tim Richardson who reports a good season ahead on the Great Barrier Reef (85 days of charters booked so far). Dredges... Fact or fad, will the boats pulling them catch more blue marlin on the North Drop? Today it was no.

07/09/11 Sitting tall In the saddle as always... Sam Jennings on Revenge racked up 4 more blue marlin today. They were 4/4 +1. To remind our readers, the "+1" means they saw another blue that didn't bite. Consistent Capt. Ray and crew on Therapy were 2/2 on blues and 1/1 on sailfish. Mojito was 0/2 just getting warmed up and Reel Tight did the same. Hoosier Buddy was 1/1 +1. Didn't get the Amirita's report but no flags. Welcome the new Gulf Rascal and there will be more boats going tomorrow.

07/08/11 2011 July Moon Reports start now! Rainy and windy today, a few boats out and here are the results: Revenge 1/1 +1, Marlin Prince 1/1 blue marlin, 0/1 whites. Therapy 0/0, Prime Time Butch 1/?. Hot boat today was Amirita going 1/4. Welcome new arrivals - Sandman, Amirita, Renaissance, Triple 7, Blue Moon and Sultrap. Most will start fishing over the weekend and the VIGFC's 'July Open' Tournament starts on Tues. The fish are here and the July fishing reports should reflect plenty of action!