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Very Rough Estimate 308 Raised - 175 Released - 35 Boats Reported

10/01/10 - The weather shut things down today - it was rainy and messy. Uno Mas was the only player and they saw nothing. We see Amirita loaded with fuel for the trip to Florida and Brooks is headed out tomorrow. Sept. was a busy month but now the cockpit curtains are up and its back to fixing, waxing and resting up until the Oct. Moon! After tomorrow you'll find the Sept. report under our archives button... and we're marching!

09/30/10 - Gathering the report is getting easier because there are only a few boats fishing. Uno Mas Capt. Tommy said he is seeing some nice size fish and today they were 2/4. Amirita was 2/3 and Prime Time Butch 1/1. Papo was 0/1 and Hoosier Buddy 0/?

09/29/10 - If you fish the North Drop anytime off the moon, you can still expect to see one or two blue marlin. That was the gist of today's report - 4 boats fished (Amirita, Uno Mas, Prime Time Butch and Hoosier Buddy) and they each released one fish. See our Bisbee ad announcing the Pacfic Rim Series see

09/28/10 - The fishing today was decent, but it's definitely slowing down. We are now determining the high boat of the day by the number of bites. Uno Mas had the hot program going with a 1/7. Brooks reported seeing quite a few small fish. The rest of the fleet averaged catching 1 blue marlin and seeing one or two more. We'll keep reporting on the Sept. Moon as long as the boats are going out.

Today was a big day for the ABMT - we announced to the fishermen on the West Coast (via an ad in Bisbee's Black and Blue tournament magazine) our 2011 plans for the startup of the Pacific Rim Series (PRS). We are now in the process of establishing tournament dates and locations (Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico). We are on the march towards the lofty goal of creating a 'World Series' for the sport. Long range plans call for the establishment of at least 4 regional competitions (Atlantic, Caribbean, West Coast and far-Pacific) in order to produce the semi-final teams who will then duke it out in a final battle on the Great Barrier Reef. All televised of course and hopefully well supported by the industry. We'll be needing everyone's help to pull this off!

09/27/10 - Click Through had another exciting day - we didn't get the full report but we heard there were shark encounters and more spectacular underwater shots taken. We are happy to report that Marc (photographer) is still in one piece. visit Marc's website Report: Marlin Prince 2/2, Black Pearl 0/1, Therapy 0/0, Revenger 0/1+4, Southpaw 1/4, Uno Mas 2/3, Amirita 1/4 and 1/4 on Click Through.

09/26/10 - The highlight of the day was viewing the underwater photos that Marc Montocchio has captured of teased up blue marlin. Marc is filming aboard Click Through as guest of Keith English, the vessel's owner. Capt. Matt, Keith and crew have pretty much prefected the process of getting the photographer into the water while keeping the fish teased up at the same time. Today they raised 5 blues (dragging all teasers) and a sailfish. Marc's shots are probably the best ever taken of free swimming blue marlin. He has several shots of them attacking the teasers and we'll soon be seeing these photos on the covers of the fishing magazines. For our non-fisherman readers, a teaser is a natural bait or artificial lure that is pulled without a hook in it.

The fleet report: Prime Time Butch 3/3, Uno Mas 0/2, Amirita 3/3+2, Foxy Lady 2/2, Hoosier Buddy 0/1+1, Sharky's 0/1, Revenge 2/6, Free Enterprise 0/3, Southpaw 0/4, Therapy 1/3. Black Gold, Reel Pushy and Big Oh are headed to Florida.

09/25/10 - Top boats today: Revenge 4/4 and Plumb Crazy 4/5. Black Pearl's Capt. Jim's charter is seeing big fish - they were 2/2 today, letting another nice one go. Black Gold 1/2, Sharky's Revenge 2/3+1, Southpaw 3/3+1, Therapy 1/1, Freedom 3/4, Marlin Prince 0/1, Free Enterprise 2/6+1, QTR (visiting from St. Croix) 1/2, Click Through 0/1+1 (they are underwater filming), Amirita 1/4, Uno Mas 1/3, Prime Time Butch 3/? and Hoosier Buddy 0/1.

09/24/10 - Wind went down and the bite went up! Pretty good day today: High Boat was Sharky's Revenge 3/5+3. Amirita 2/7, Click Through 2/2, Prime Time PR 0/0+1, Hoosier Buddy 1/2+1, Da Bait 0/0, Freedom 2/6, Black Pearl 2/4, Revenge 2/2, Southpaw 2/4, Blue Heaven 1/4, Black Gold 0/2.

09/23/10 - Not much to it today - Prime Time Butch fishing with client John Tierney was 2/2 and Freedom did the same. Southpaw saw two get eaten and the rest had to work to get a bite. No Excuse left yesterday and Reel Tight departs tomorrow. Next moon will see only a handfull of boats left fishing. Not a red hot summer of blue marlin fishing but not a terrible one either.

09/22/10 - There was a steady pick today. The weather was reported to be rough but fishable. Top boats were Marlin Prince and Tyson's Pride with three fish each. Full moon is tomorrow night and the weather is forcasted to improve by Friday. 2010 tournamemt t-shirts are selling well, order yours before we sell out.

09/21/10 - The bite keeps up. Fa-La-Me was top boat going 5/6. Click Through 0/1. Underwater photographer Marc Montocchio didn't get any blue marlin photos today but he did get some dolphin and wahoo shots. Little bouncy out there and he may not be able to get safely into the water tomorrow. Therapy 4/4, My Three Sons 3/3, Big Oh 2/2, Chach Damon 3/3+1, Black Gold 0/0, Marlin Prince 0/1, Revenge 0/1, Free Enterprise 0/0, Mojito 0/0, Sharky's Revenge 1/4, Gulf Rascal 1/3, Da Bait 1/?, Foxy Lady 1/?, Reel Tight 1/2, Reel Pushy 1/2, A-I-A 2/5. Two days before the moon.

09/20/10 - Another good day here in STT. Southpaw was the hot boat today - they were flying five flags but we didn't hear the full count. Sharky's Revenge was 3/? and others did pretty well too. Well known underwater photographer Marc Montocchio was aboard Click Through today. They teased up a fish and Marc got overboard in time to get about 8 frames of a blue coming right at him and turning off at the last moment... headed for a teaser. Incredible shots and today was only his first day on the N. Drop. The sharks are pretty thick out there and he'll probably be seeing them up close too!

Be sure to check out the Capt. Juan Carlos Mayaguez report that is now being posted on our "Global Reports" page see report . Red Hot fishing there with 62 boats releasing 214 blue marlin on 30 lb. test in 3 days! Good on em!! We also heard from the Liz Card in Bermuda and she said house, boat, family and friends... all came through ok.

09/19/10 - The Sept. Moon is turning out to be pretty good. Today: Big Oh 2/2, Reel Tight 0/1, Chach 2/4 + 1/1 sailfish. Freedom 2/3+1, Foxy Lady 2/5, Hoosier Buddy 1/1, Abigail III 2/2, Revenge 4/6+1, De-Bait-Able 0/1, No Excuse 3/4, Free Enterprise 1/1, Black Gold 0/1, Therapy 2/3, Southpaw 1/5.

09/18/10 - P.M. Report: Plenty news tonight - Capt. Alan Card's photo shows beaches of Bermuda this afternoon as the winds began to pick up. Bermuda will be blasted over the next 48 hours with a direct hit by hurricane Igor. On a brighter note, the bite on the Virgin Island's North Drop was good: Free Enterprise 2/2, Revenge 0/1, Southpaw 0/1, Therapy 3/9+1, Black Gold 2/3, Bluefin II 1/3, No Excuse 1/2, Foxy Lady 0/0, Chach 2/5+4, Freedom 0/3+1, Tyson's Pride 0/1+4, Mixed Bag 2/?, De-Bait-Able 1/3, Gulf Rascal 1/?, Big Oh 4/7.

Photo upper right: Capt. Ronnie Fields and boat owner Gray Ingram of Team Big Oh take first place in 2010 Spanish Main Series with 10,849.90 points. Second Place was Team Peje with 6,166.60 points. Third Place was Team Done Deal with 3,366.64 points, Fourth Place Team Gulf Rascal with 3,349.98 points and Fifth Place Team Fa-La-Me with 3,099.98 points. Gray Ingram is now the proud owner of SMS coin #10. Many thanks to these great fishing teams for their participation!

09/16/10 - P.M. Report: Weather was not bad considering the passing storm. There were a lot of fish seen but overall the catching was off. In the Spanish Main the Big Oh caught a fish and Gulf Rascal missed one.

09/16/10 -
Black Gold was top boat yesterday (Wed.) going 4/8. Lot's of blue marlin were released by the fleet. Igor is passing north of us now and our weather is only a bit overcast with a few showers. Gray Ingram's Big Oh and Rod Windley's Gulf Rascal are fighting it out today and tomorrow in last leg of the Spanish Main Series. Stay turned!

09/15/10 - Everyone saw and caught fish yesterday. More and more boats are firing up and the fishing should get hot with the moon approaching. Seven boats were on the edge yesterday.

09/13/10 - Black Gold had a great day going 6/6. Blue Heaven on a short day 2/? and Big Oh was 3/?. More boats starting up tomorrow. We are becoming worried for our friends in Bermuda... IGOR go away!

09/12/10 P.M. Report Big OH was 5/6 (corrected number). Therapy 0/2. Should be some really good fishing to report on this week! My Three Sons were 1 for 5 yesterday. Hopefully we'll see Igor curve soon and hopefully Bermuda will be spared. Check out Raleigh's Pinas Bay report Pinas Report

09/10/10 - No fishing reports as yet - maybe this weekend. Interest is building in the 'BVI OPEN' (Sept. 16, 17) which is also the final leg of the 2010 Spanish Main Series. It's going to be exciting because the line allowed is 20 - 30 - 50 lb. IGFA. Guaranteed some of the mates will be swimming around the cockpit because the anglers will be pitching the 20 lb. in order to take advantage of the point spread. Basic ABMT rules with observers and all species of billfish count in this event. Photo courtesy of the boys on Chach.

09/04/10 - The 2010 ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament results and press releases are now listed in the "Winners Circle" at bottom of page. We are now preparing for the 2 day "BVI OPEN" Sept. 16-17. See flyer above. Six boats have already signed up and we will play the Anegada leg (Sept. 16) by ear. See photos receved today (photographer(s) unknown but we appreciate their sharing) of the Earl damage. ANEGADA

09/03/10 - St. Thomas made it through Earl with minimal damage compared to previous experiences. Quite a few of the boats headed back to the States and about half the fleet is here to fish the Sept. Moon. Anegada took a beating, we heard from Lawrence Wheatly last night - Hotel is fine but every dock in Anegada is gone (exception of the Govt. dock) and his boats (Basic Lady, lobster boat and Clinton's 31' Bertram) are all up on the beach. Lawrence is optimistic and will get back to us on Monday if he feels we can overnight with them during the last leg of the Spanish Main Series (Sept. 16-17). AYH docks came through fine and the water is clearing up.

We are in the hunker down mode with the eye of hurricane Earle passing NE of us this afternoon. The boats all went to Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico to sit it out. 10 a.m. Mon. not much wind or rain as yet. 3 p.m. The eye of is now about 63 miles NNE of STT and all's well. Anegada must be feeling it because the NHC's latest report showed the wind at 125 mph. Best part is the power has remained on! 5 p.m. Wind speed at eye is now at 135 mph. 1 a.m. (Tues.) Earl is now 130 miles NW of us on it's possible track to the eastern seaboard. It blew pretty hard and there is expected damage to these islands, especially in the BVI. Power is out on STT.