welcome to the super bowl of sportfishing! it pays to play! observer information bts leg #1 harbour island, bahamas bts leg #2 bermuda where the granders lurk! bts leg #3 us virgin islands


Estimate 238 Blue Marlin Raised - 117 Released - 12 Boats Reporting

10/26/10 - We are headed for the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and will be back on Monday Nov. 1st. with a bunch of new sponsors, boats and advertisers signed up! Today the Revenge was 2/3 on blues and 1 white. They also saw a sailfish or two. Southpaw was 0/2 on a short day and A-I-A was 0/0. Been a good Oct. bite!

10/25/10 - They are still at it - Revenge 1/2+1 and 0/2 on sailfish. A-I-A 1/2 blues, Click Through 0/0+2 blues and 0/1 whites. Freedom heads home tomorrow. Chach will leave a day or two behind. Uno Mas getting ready to depart for the Panama Canal and a winter in the Pacific.

10/24/10 - Sunday P.M. Fewer boats fished today but the bite held up. Top boat was A-I-A going 3/6. Southpaw was 1/2, Revenge was 2/2 and one of the fish was reported to be around 600. Click Through 0/1 and Uno Mas on early airport return 0/0+1.

Sunday A.M. Its busy here at Camp Wahoo because we preparing for a promotional trip to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show this coming week. We are putting together sponsor programs and announcing plans to add the Pacific Rim Series in 2011. Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico here we come! Full plate - because we must also keep the Spanish Main and Bermuda Triangle Series and "Boy Scout" going while we are building the platform that will eventually become the World Series of Big Game Fishing (WSBGF). While this is going on we are also working on the 5th edition of our popular ON THE EDGE tournament magazine and preparing for the Big Game Room in Feb. Whew! Everyone can join the team and help out... please see "Become a Sustaining Sponsor" above.

10/23/10 - Still biting! High boat again today was Uno Mas 2/3+4 on blues and 1/1 on sailfish. Click Through 0/4+1, GZ Girl 1/1, Done Deal 1/2 blues, 0/2 whites, 0/1 sailfish. Southpaw on short day 0/1.

10/22/10 - We are approaching the end of the St. Thomas marlin season - but still a few boats will keep going for another few days and we'll continue to report on their catches. Today the high boat was Brook Smith's Uno Mas - they were 3/6 on blues and 1/1 on sailfish. Click Through went 1/6 and they saw a white. GZ Girl was 1/1, Chach 1/2+1 on their last day (65 blue marlin for 41 days of fishing) and Freedom was 0/2+1 (also their last day). Revenge 1/4, Marlin Prince 0/1 and LR on Southpaw was 1/4.

10/21/10 - Dino and crew on Freedom were on fire!! By 10 a.m. in just 2 1/2 hours of fishing today they had released 7 blue marlin. Capt. Albert said that in total they were 7/11+2. Others did pretty well too - Marlin Prince was 3/3 and Angler Mike Mc Manus of Reston, VA is so stoked with the fishing he's delaying his departure one more day. He personally caught 9 blues (fishing aboard MP and Gulf Rascal) of the 12 that he and his teammates released over the past five days. Gulf Rascal was 0/3 today, Southpaw 0/3+1, Hoosier Buddy 2/2, Uno Mas was 1/4 and Chach went 1/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on sailfish. Revenge 1/2. The weather is flat calm drop dead beautiful.

10/20/10 - Weather change today - still not bad. Chach 2/3 blues 1/2 whites. GZ Girl 0/1, Freedom 2/2+1, Marlin Prince 1/2+2, Revenge 2/3, Southpaw 2/5, Done Deal 2/3+2. Uno Mas warming up 0/4+3.

10/19/10 - Here's a nice day for you... 83 years young Sam Jennings, owner of Revenge was 7/7 on blue marlin today - until at the end of the day they raised a double and both were missed. Southpaw 1/3+1, Hoosier Buddy 0/2 on blues and they missed a white. Freedom 0/1 slowed after their hot day yesterday. Chach 3/5 blues and 1 sailfish and they had the white on but lost it. Gulf Rascal was 3/? we didn't get their final. That's good fishing!

10/18/10 - The St. Thomas bite is on! 41 billfish were raised by 5 boats today. Freedom's Dino, Capt. Albert and crew won high boat honors going 6/9+1 on blue marlin. Revenge 5/6 on blues and 1/3 whites. Southpaw 3/5, Chach 3/7+3. Marlin Prince 3/4 on blues and 0/3 on whites. Stay tuned for the report on tomorrow's bite!

10/17/10 - These are the days marlin fishermen dream of having! Chach slamed going 6/12+2 on blue marlin, 1 white and a spearfish. Good going to Damon, Capt. David and crew! Freedom was 1/1+4, Marlin Prince 2/7 + 1 sailfish. Southpaw 5/7+2 and Sam Revenge was 2/4+4. The Oct. Moon is hard to beat... big ones mixed in with small ones today.

10/16/10 - Hoosier Buddy was top banana today going 3/5+1. Marlin Prince was 2/8, Chach 2/5 and Asian Pearl was (not confirmed) 1 for 8. Revenge and others start up tomorrow. Weather flat calm.

10/15/10 - Only one boat out today was 0/2. Not much to report.

10/14/10 - Ok... here we go for the Oct. Moon Reports: Yesterday (Wed) Chach was 5/11+3 on blue marlin. Freedom today was 4/6+2. Marlin Prince was 1/2. The weather is flat calm which is our normal beautiful Oct. weather. There are about 12 boats here and most start up this weekend. Stay tuned we'll be reporting on some great blue marlin fishing! Note to our new readers: The "+" numbers represent blue marlin that were seen (usually in the teasers) but didn't switch to a bait with a hook.

10/13/10 - The Oct Moon is almost here and the boats start fishing this weekend. The weather is flat and it is a good bet the blue marlin will be snapping! Stay tuned for the reports.

We are busy here at Camp Wahoo chasing the dream. Next up on our agenda is a visit the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. We'll walk the show promoting our program to anyone who is willing to listen! There are 'On The Edge' magazine ads to be sold (issue #5 comes out in Feb.), prize sponsors to thank and we'll broadcast the year ahead including the debut of the Pacific Rim Series (PRS). See our Bisbee ad announcing the PRS to the West Coasters see ad