welcome to the super bowl of sportfishing! it pays to play! observer information bts leg #1 harbour island, bahamas bts leg #2 bermuda where the granders lurk! bts leg #3 us virgin islands


05/31/10 - Good fishing on the South of the islands! Mojito 3/3, Black out 1/3 (half day fishing), Da Bait 2/3. The summer season is starting off great! We'll be over in the DR (Cap Cana) until Monday the 7th. First leg of the Spanish Main Series coming up!

05/30/10 - Better weather and it looked like the South drop was the place to be. Revenge Sam caught 1 in the morning and hopped the afternoon flight. A-1-A was 2/3 on the South, Black Out 1/1, Da Bait 0/0, Mixed Bag 2/? (possibly South), Betsy 0/0, Mojito 0/0. We are headed over to Cap Cana Tues. morning and will try to get out reports from there.

05/29/10 - Still rainy and squally and the boats are spread out. Therapy and A-1-A in Virgin Gorda, no report. Rest went to North Drop. Mohito 0/1, Betsy 1/2, Topless 1/3 (they are done for the moon), Black Out 0/1, Revenge nada, half day tomorrow. Prime Time PR went to Anegada and fished a few hours 0/0.

05/28/10 - Many thanks to Dean for this report - Weather was overcast but not as much rain as yesterday. Revenge 0/0, Therapy 1/1, Topless 0/1, Marlin Prince 1/1, Betsy 1/1.

05/27/10 - Welcome Prime Time PR. Wet and rainy here and slow fishing. Revenge 1/2, Topless 0/0, Chach 1 ufo, Mohito 1/1 and Betsy 1/1.

05/26/10 - First we must welcome Da Bait who arrived today. Everyone went North and it was slower than yesterday. Mohito 1/1 sharked close to the boat. Chach 1/1+1, Revenge 0/0, Black Gold 1 white, Therapy 0/0, Betsy 0/1+1, Marlin Prince 0/1.

05/25/10 - Slower today on the North. Black Gold 1/1, Revenge 1/3, Mojito 1 blue, 1 white, Topless 0/1 and Chach 0/1.

05/24/10 - Another good day on North Drop with lots of fish seen. Black Gold was top boat going 3/3 on blue marlin and 1/1 on whites today. Harry is averaging a 90% hook up rate on circle hooks!! Mojito 1/1 blues, Topless 2/?, Chach 2/4+1 and 1/2 whites. Also, welcome Betsy, Black Out and No Excuse to the Virgin Islands! Several boats are headed over to the DR for Rick's tournament and the SMS.

05/23/10 - Unfortunately this will be a sketchy report because we didn't get to the docks tonight. It was a good day on the north...Revenge 4/6, Mojito 2/?, Topless 2/? Black Gold 2/? + whites. Marlin Prince fished south and also saw a blue marlin or two.

05/22/10 - Everyone saw fish on the South - Mixed Bag Sm. 1/1, Black Gold 1/1, Marlin Prince 0/1, Revenge 1/2, Black Jack (Contender over from PR) 1/1 on North. Welcome back to Chach and Mohito.

05/21/10 - Hot Dogs! Black Gold 3/5 blues on the South. Revenge 0/1. Weather beautiful.

05/20/10 - Getting better: Bluefin 0/5 blue marlin, Marlin Prince 1/1 blues, 1/1 sailfish, Black Gold 1/1 blue marlin and 1/1 whites (they fished North), Revenge 0/1 possible. Scott Steele's Topless will join the fleet this weekend.

05/19/10 - Black Gold 1/1 on South. Capt. Paco of Prime Time PR fame said the billfish are snapping off Cap Cana. Lot's of whites and a few blues. It's looking good for the first leg of the Spanish Main Series! Rick Alvarez reports there are many boats in the DR.

05/18/10 - Black Gold was the only boat out today and they fished the South drop. Capt. Keith and crew were 1/2 on blue marlin and they also saw a white. Revenge has fresh bottom paint and Capt. Mike say's he hopes to start fishing the May moon stretch on Thursday. Please let us know if you are planning on fishing with us in the DR or Bermuda.