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2010 June Moon Totals: 213 Blue Marlin Raised - 122 Blue Marlin Released
In Teasers No Bite 23 - Whites Raised 4 - Whites Released 2 - Sailfish Raised 1

06/31/10 - There was a small bite on the South today but the talk on the dock is already about the July Moon. Today we welcomed Free Enterprise. In photo is Capt. Randy's welcoming party. Capt. George Sawley was heard on the radio so we know Stalker arrived too. Janet our bartender of yester-year is also down visiting. It's shaping up to be a fun summer with a bunch of the old legends in attendance!

06/29/10 - Dropped off with the moon. Sandra T 0/0 +1, South Paw 0/0, Big Oh 1/2 (not confirmed), Rude Awakening 0/0, Vintage 0/0, Tyson's Pride 1/2 (not confirmed), A-1-A 0/0, Therapy 0/0. Pretty much over for this moon but will report if someone does well. Alan Card is back out there fishing (in Bermuda) and is doing well. Received a brief email from Capt. Ron Hamlin who said that his appendices had burst - assuming that if he can write he must be ok.

06/28/10 - Thanks everyone for your interest in our daily reports. 237 visitors so far today (9 p.m.). Still a few boats fishing behind the moon. Revenge 0/0 (half day) Marlin Prince 1/3, South Paw 0/0, Mohito 1/1, Vintage 0/1 (sharked), Victoria 1/1, Therapy 0/1, Black Gold 0/0, Da Bait 1/1+2, Classic of PR 2/3 (smallest boat in the fleet), A-1-A 0/0, Sandra T 2/3, Rude Awakening 0/2. We missed Tyson's Pride report but they were earlier seen with a nice fish in the air. The South won out today.

06/27/10 - Fish were seen both North and South. Revenge 1/3, Lady V 0/0, South Paw 1/3, Mojito 2/3, Black Gold 2/3+4, Therapy 1/1, Prime Time P.R. 2/3, Betsy 1/1, Prime Time Butch 0/1, Amerita 3/5, Big OH 0/1 + 0/1 sailfish, Sandra T (no report), Reel Addiction 1/3, Done Deal 0/1+1, Tyson's Pride 0/2 (half day). Several of the boats are shutting down. Welcome Rude Awakening.

06/26/10 - June Moon Tonight! For the most part the South was the better choice today. Revenge 1/3, No Excuse 1/3, South Paw 1/4, Mojito 0/0, Black Gold 0/0, Prime Time PR ?/? (missed their report), Therapy 1/2, Foxi Lady 1/1, Chach 3/3, Betsy 0/1, Da Bait 0/1+1, Big Oh 1/1, Amerita 1/2, Prime Time Butch 1/1, Sandra T 0/1+1, Vintage 2/2 (half day), Reel Addiction 0/?, Reel Worthless 1/1, Done Deal 0/1. Weather was nice. Chach photo

06/25/10 - The Captain's morning dilemma - should I turn right and head South or turn left for the pretty sure bet of seeing a fish on the North Drop? What a great fishery the Virgin Islands has with two venues to choose from! Capt. David Dalfo on Chach turned right and angler Damon Chouest released 5 blue marlin, seeing a total of 9 + 1 that didn't bite. Capt. Mike Lemon on Revenge went North and then he ran back to the South... raising two blues, releasing one. Here is today's low down: Marlin Prince 0/2, Ambush 1/5 (North), No Excuse 0/0+1, Black Gold 2/3 (North), South Paw 0/0, Prime Time PR 3/3 (North), Mojito 2/2, Da Bait 1/1 (see the photo of mate below), Betsy 0/0, Prime Time Butch 2/2, Amerita 0/0, Reel Addiction 0/1, Reel Worthless 1/1 blues and 0/1 whites. Hoosier Buddy 0/0, A-1-A 0/0, Sandra T 0/1. Squally and raining here with pretty unstable weather in the Caribbean. The photos today are courtesy of the Chach crew.

And sometimes the fish get back at us - First mate Greg Keck on Da Bait aired out a blue marlin today and when the 300lb. mono leader broke it shot back into his face. His sunglasses shattered and you can see the results. In Bermuda yesterday - Capt. Alan Card of Challenger was removing a hook from a blue marlin when he was whacked by the bill, sending him to the hospital for facial surgery. Liz Card said Alan is pretty sore today but he is talking. Can be a dangerous sport and the season is just beginning!

06/24/10 - Not strong - also not bad if it was you that got the bite! Prime Time PR 0/0. Revenge 0/0, Mojito 1/1, Black Gold 2/2 (one was 500lbs), No Excuse 2/2+ 1 white. South Paw 0/0, Hoosier Buddy 0/0 (along with a Dale Wills of In The Bite sighting), Chach 0/2, Betsy 2/2, Prime Time Butch 1/1, Big Oh 1/1 Da Bait 0/1, Marlin Prince 0/0, Reel Addiction 0/0, Reel Worthless 0/2 blues and catches 2 whites. Amerita 0/2 (South), Tyson's Pride ?/? (no report).

06/23/10 - Better. Revenge 2/2, No Excuse 2/2, South Paw 0/1, Black Gold 0/0, Mohito 1/1, Sandra T 1/1, Reel Addiction 1/1, Reel Worthless 0/0, Prime Time PR 0/0, Betsy 0/2, (they fought a fish for an hour and a half), Da Bait 1/2, Chach 0/1, Foxi Lady 2/3 (South), Tyson's Pride 3/4 + 2 (South), Prime Time Butch 0/2+1, Big Oh 1/1.

06/22/10 - A so so day, the fishing was off a bit. Prime Time Butch fished a half day on South and went 2/2 + 1 (another raised that didn't eat). Mojito 0/0, Black Gold 0/0 +1, No Excuse 2/2 +1, Reel Worthless 1/1, Da Bait 1/1 +1, Hoosier Buddy 0/1, Chach 1/2, Betsy 0/2, Big Oh 1/1. Had a Scott Kerrigan sighting on Big Oh. A John Tierney look alike on South Paw.

06/21/10 - Good weather today and not too bad a bite. Black Gold 2/4, Big Oh 2/3 or 4, No Excuse 3/4, Da Bait 0/0, Chach 0/0 with one in the teasers. Revenge 0/1, Hooiser Buddy 0/0, Foxi Lady 0/1, Sandra T 1/2 and Prime Time Butch 1/2. The crew of the Prime Time were heroes today for rescuing 8 swimmers who were run over (in their small boat) by a St. John car ferry. Had Capt. Butch and his mates not been passing the area at the right time (mate Andrew Thorpy jumped in to save two floundering swimmers) - we might have seen the loss of lives. Nice going men!

06/20/10 - Happy Father's Day. Ok, enough with the rain already! Regardless of the weather the fish are biting. Got to the docks late, so not sure of how many each boat saw... just counted the flags. Capt. Myles on Reel Worthless called in from Sapphire, they were 1/3 today. Sarge and crew on Black Gold are on fire, they are catching everything they are seeing, today 3/3. Black Out 2/3, Revenge 2/?, Chach 2/3+1, Prime Time Butch 1/?, No Excuse 0/1.

06/19/10 - Pouring rain all day today but the fish didn't mind getting wet! High boat was Black Gold going 4/4 on blue marlin. Marlin Prince 3/3, No Excuse 2/4+1, Revenge 2/2, Black Out 0/0 and Chach on a half day 0/0. Picking up and right on schedule... the full moon is on the 26th.

06/18/10 - Slow day on the North with enough boats out to sample it. Hot boat was No Excuse going 1/4. Capt. Tony's son Tony de Moya Jr. age 13 caught his fifteenth blue marlin. Sarge on Black Gold was next going 1/2 today. Black Out saw 2, Revenge 0/0 and that was about it. We are experiencing heavy rains tonight from the weather that has finally crossed the Atlantic. Also had a Frankie and Bubba sighting.

06/17/10 - The big push is about to start! The cockpit curtains are all put away and baits are being made. Revenge starts tomorrow and if there is a blue marlin out there - Capt. Mike Lemon the "Barometer" will find it. Today we had reports that No Excuse fished the South and saw one fish, Foxy Lady (Denise and Pete of California along with Joe Lopez of Prowess fame) was 0/0 and a wahoo on the North, Abigail III saw a double of whites and Hook N Bull at Sapphire released a blue in late afternoon in the Corner. See Jimmy Grant's Venezuela report under our "Global Reports" at bottom of this page.

06/16/10 - Warm memories here. Tonight we saw Rose and Butch Petrosky of the charter boat Fish Hawk fame. They were dining at Fish Tales (old Cafe Wahoo, Piccola's and Off The Hook) and we caught up on their happenings - They have sold Fish Hawk Marina and will soon be retiring and moving to the Stuart, Florida area where they are in the process of building a home. Capt. Butch said if he doesn't sell the boat soon, he'll load her up with barrels of fuel and take her back to Florida. Their move away represents 40 years of Virgin Islands fishing history. We'll have Carol Bareuther write their story before they leave.

Capt. Cujo on Hoosier Buddy and Capt. Red on Abigail III were the only boats on the North Drop today. Cujo's anglers released 1 blue marlin and they had another swim through the spread. Red had a shot at one and that folks is the beginning of your St. Thomas, June Moon report! Many boats here and more on the way.

06/13/10 - Observers take note! Due to the Spirit Airlines strike we will not be arranging a group flight for the "Boy Scout" Tournament - start making your reservations now for your arrival on Aug. 19th. See for more information Observers Info.

06/11/10 - Rick Alvarez Cap Cana Tournament Press Release See Press Release

06/10/10 - More boats arrived for the summer. Welcome Tyson's Pride, Amerita, Done Deal, Vintage, Prime Time Butch and Sandra T. Most will start fishing next weekend.

06/07/10 - Back from operating the first leg of the Spanish Main Series in Cap Cana, DR. We have 6 hot teams registered in the 2010 series: Big OH, Fa La Me, Done Deal, Gulf Rascal, Magic Touch and Peje. Big Oh won 1st. place team, second was Peje and third was Done Deal. Carlos Garcia of Team Peje was top angler and won the ninth Bernard Passman gold coin pendant in existence.

The fishing was good with a nice mix of blues and whites. Rick Alvarez's Cap Cana International Billfish Tournament was a big success with 17 boats releasing a total of 91 billfish. Rick and Michelle ran a great event and many thanks to Cap Cana marina manager Andy and his staff for their fine support. The observers kept a sharp eye on the contestants and overall the weather was good.

The next leg of the SMS will be held inside of the ABMT "Boy Scout" Aug. 21-25. Everyone catching up on rest or boatwork here in St. Thomas. Today we welcome Fa La Me and Big OH.