welcome to the super bowl of sportfishing! it pays to play! observer information bts leg #1 harbour island, bahamas bts leg #2 bermuda where the granders lurk! bts leg #3 us virgin islands


7/28/10 - Good again today. Black Gold 0/3, Therapy 1/4, Prime Time Butch 2/4+1, Marlin Prince 3/4, Tijereta 2/5, Stalker 2/5, Fa-La-Me 2/3, Hoosier Buddy 0/1, A-I-A 1/1, Sandman 1/2. Stalker is catching them on a fly almost every day!

7/27/10 - What we were waiting for finally happened... the fishing came alive today! Top boat was Revenge going 4/6 +2 and they also caught a white. Sandman 3/4+1, Marlin Prince 2/3, No Excuse 1/1, Southpaw 2/2, Therapy 2/3+1, Black Gold 3/3+2, Hosier Buddy 2/2, Da Bait 3/3+1, Prime Time Butch 2/2, Ohana 0/3, Sandra T 3/3, Black Pearl 2/2. Over at Sapphire Capt. Myles reported that Reel Worthless was 0/3 on a half day, Reel Addiction 3/3, Tijereta 2/4, Hook N' Bull 1/1. We are back to being St. Thomas on the moon. Presently up to 27 observers for the ABMT... keep them coming!

7/27/10 - Angler News - Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort has offered a tournament rate of $147 per day including taxes. Telephone them direct at 340-777-7100 and ask for the "Fisherman's Rate."

7/26/10 - Didn't get to the docks tonight but what we heard was that the fishing picked up! Prime Time Butch has 4 flags flying and Diane called in saying that Black Pearl released 2/4. Capt. Myles said the Sapphire boats all saw fish - wouldn't you know it - the day after the tournament it turns on! We are steadily gaining observers but at least 15 more are needed for next month's tournament. Everyone help with this because we can't put a boat out there without one. Also see the new BVI Open flyer just posted above (limited to 20 boats and 6 are already signed up).

7/25/10 - VIGFC July Open - Day 3 Report: We will provide our readers with updates over the day when we can get back to the computer. Last day of the tournament. Fishing ends at 4 p.m. today. Da Bait started the day off by catching the first fish at 8:43. After that it became a battle to the end - Gray Ingram's 'Big Oh' finally went into first place, beating out Luis Bacardi's Rum Bum by one fish. Fa-La-Me held on to third place by the skin of their teeth! Tournament ended 4:00 p.m. EST. There were 15 fish released today: Da Bait (3), Rum Bum (2), Big OH (3), No Excuse (1), Reel Worthless (2), Marlin Prince (1), Prime Time Pr. (1), Mixed Bag (1), Chach (1). An electrical power failure took the internet down. Sorry that we couldn't keep you updated for the exciting finish. Photo: Artist Carey Chen retouches mural in front of the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club. See Day 3. Press

7/24/10 Fleet Report: The fishing picked up today! Revenge 0/0, Sandman 0/2+1, Fa-La-Me 2/2, Marlin Prince 2/2, No Excuse 0/1, Southpaw 0/2, Mojito 0/0+1, Black Gold 1/1+1, Gulf Rascal 2/2, Rum Bum 2/2, Da Bait 0/0+1, Chach 2/4, Betsy 1/1, Foxi Lady 0/0, Mixed Bag 0/1, End of the Line 0/1+1, Reel Worthless 0/0, Vintage 0/0+1, Golden Eagle 1/?, Cowpoke 2/3, Fishissle 0/0, Reel Pushy 0/0, Big Oh 2/4+1, Prime Time PR 1/1, Marlin Darlin 1/1, Prime Time Butch 0/1, Blue Bird 1/4, A-1-A 2/2, Ohana 0/0, Sandra T 0/1, Blue Heaven 1/?, Marivi 0/0, Abigail 2/2, Reel Attitude 0/0, Tijereta 0/0. Reel Tight 1/?. We missed a few boats because they are spread over several marinas. Nice weather.

7/24/10 - VIGFC July Open - Day 2 Report: Marlin Prince releases the first fish of the day at 8:43 a.m. Releases: MARLIN PRINCE (2), RUM BUM (2), BIG OH (2), GULF RASCAL (2), BLUE BIRD (1), FA-LA-ME (2), ABIGAIL III (2), BLACK GOLD (1), CHACH (2), BLUE HEAVEN (1), REEL TIGHT (1), PRIME TIME PR (1), GOLDEN EAGLE (1) Fishing ended at 5 p.m. Total 20 Blue Marlin released today. Tomorrow is last day of the tournament. See Day 2. Press

7/23/10 Fleet Report: Revenge 02, Cowpoke 0/0, Sandman 1/1, Fa-La-Me 1/2, Marlin Prince 0/1+3, No Excuse 0/1, Southpaw 1/2, Free Enterprise 1/1+1, Mojito 1/2, Black Gold 0/0, Gulf Rascal 0/0, Rum Bum 1/1, Da Bait 0/1, Hoosier Buddy 1/1, Golden Eagle 0/1, Chach 0/0, Vintage 1/1+1, Mixed Bag 0/1, Betsy 0/2, Never Enough 1/2, Fishizzle 0/2, Prime Time Butch 1/2, Big OH 1/1+1, Reel Tight 1/1, Prime Time PR 1/1, Marlin Darlin 1/1+1, A-1-A 0/0, Ohana 0/1, Sandra T 0/0, Blue Heaven 0/0. Plus sign (example 1/1+2) means 2 additional marlin were raised (usually to teasers) that didn't bite a bait with a hook. Our Sapphire docks reporter is slacking!

7/23/10 - Welcome Uno Mas and Freedom. Capt. Tommy passed by the tournament boats this morning as he was coming in from Bermuda. Tommy and Speedy raved on Bermuda's fishing and said that Que Mas weighed one yesterday that was just over a grand. Many boats will go to BDA next summer and that'll help us grow the Bermuda Triangle Series. Presently there are three teams entered into the BTS and 6 in the Spanish Main Series. Both series fish a leg inside of the ABMT "Boy Scout" which will make it even more exciting! The Club's tournament (23 boats) is on and lines went in the water at 8:30 a.m. this morning. We'll give tournament updates throughout the day. 8:42 a.m. Fa-La-Me released the first fish of the tournament. 4:27 report: 7 Blue Marlin and 1 White Marlin released. FA-LA-ME (1), BiG OH (1), BLACK PEARL (1), RUM BUM (1), PRIME TIME PR (1), QTR (1 WHITE), REEL TIGHT (1), NEVER ENOUGH (1). No changes 5 p.m. end. See Day 1. Press

7/22/10 - Freedom and Uno Mas are closing in on the Virgin Islands. They ran a few hours today before shutting down to chug the rest of the night. They will make a few passes on the N. Drop tomorrow morning on the way in. Today it was sunny until around 5 p.m. when the rains came soaking everything down again. The fishing was as follows: Revenge 1/2, No Excuse 0/1, Sandman 0/0, Free Enterprise 0/1+1, Gulf Rascal 1/1 (half day South), Black Gold 1/1, Foxi Lady 1/1, Abigail 2/4, Cowpoke 0/0, Hoosier Buddy 0/1, Tom Cat 2/2, Da Bait 2/2, Betsy 0/0, Prime Time Pr. 0/2, Big Oh 0/0+1, Marlin Darlin 2/3, Tyson's Pride 0/2, Prime Time Butch 0/0, Ohana 0/2, A-1-A, 0/1, Reel Tight 1/1 (Tristan Lambert's first time sucessfully pitching to a blue on his own!), Sandra T 0/0. We missed the Sapphire report tonight. The VIGFC registered 23 boats at the Club's Kick Off Party. Fishing starts tomorrow morning at 8:30. 3 St. Croix boats are here wanting revenge!

7/21/10 - We started the day out with sun and ended up with island wide flooding. Enough with the rain already and look out Bahamas and South Florida! Regardless of the weather a number of the boats were out today: Revenge 0/2, Marlin Prince 2/3, No Excuse 0/1, Mojito 0/1, Southpaw 0/0, Black Gold 1/1+1, Prime Time Butch 2/3+2, Lady Brianna 1/1, Chach 1/2+2, Ohana 1/3, Big Oh 0/0, Sandra T 1/1, Black Pearl 0/4, Foxi Lady 0/1, Reel Pushy 1/3, Vintage 0/1, Reel Worthless 0/1, Reel Addiction 1/1, Done Deal 0/0+1, Blue Bird 1/?, Tijerta 0/1, Tyson's Pride 2/3.

8:26 P.M. report from Capt. Albert on Freedom: Everything good here. 6-7 ft. 400nm to go... 8.5kts heading is 200 degrees. 25.05.7n - 64.09.3w. Let you know in the morning if we will run in tomorow or be in Fri. morning.... Have burned 650 gallons so far out of 2500, so plenty of fuel left. Freedom and Uno Mas are making the direct South (800+ mile) passage from Bermuda to St. Thomas.

7/20/10 - Freedom and Uno Mas still chugging South. Capt. Albert emailed and said they hope to come in behind (east) of this weather. Flooded here today but not much wind in it. Revenge 1/3, Black Gold 1/1, Big Oh 1/?, Mojito 1/? and a couple more were caught. Sapphire boats nada nada.

7/19/10 - Everyone is anxious for this disturbed weather to pass. Freedom and Uno Mas are on their way to STT and Click Through is headed towards the Abacos. Click Through's Capt. Matt told us he had seen 3 fish in the first hour out from Bermuda. Capt. Alan Card of Challenger released a 900+ fish today and we heard that Capt. Bobby Brown had a nice fish in the boat due to tail wrapping. Today in ST. Thomas we welcomed the crews of Tuna Tango, Marlin Darlin and Reel Tight. The fishing report is as follows: Revenge 1/3, Ambush 0/0, Black Gold 2/5, Big Oh 1/2, Mojito 0/0, Tyson's Pride 0/1+1. Over at the Sapphire docks Capt. Myles reported 1/1 on Reel Worthless, 1/1 on End of the Line and Reel Addiction and Done Deal were 0/0.

7/18/10 - The bite picked up a bit but the weather is still rainy and nasty. Revenge 0/0+1, Marlin Prince 1/2+1, South Paw 1/1, No Excuse 2/2, Black Gold 0/0+2, Mojito 1/2, Fa-La-Me 1/1, Big Oh 1/3 blues, 1/1 whites. End of Line 1/?, Abigail III 1/?, Reel Worthless 0/1. Heard that Freedom and Uno Mas are leaving Bermuda in the morning... safe trip boys.

7/17/10 - Back on island after visiting a Las Vegas convention for tackle manufacturers. Very productive trip for our tournaments. Let's start the July Moon reports: Got a call from Diane with Black Pearl yesterday - they were 1/2, possibly a tripple on the South during a 3/4 day charter. Free Enterprise also caught a fish and missed another yesterday. Today's results: Marlin Prince was high boat going 2/2. Chicago visitors John J. McDonnell and his son John F. McDonnell (supplied photos) both caught their first blue marlin today with Capt. Eddie. Black Gold 0/0, No Excuse 0/0, Big OH 0/1, Tyson's Pride 1/1, A-I-A 0/0 + 2 (two fish in teasers no switch). Blue Heaven 1/1 + 1 (released fish was a 600+ pounder). Weather here today was squally and rough.

We have three boats fishing the Bermuda Triangle Series. They fished the Bermuda leg of the series while also competing in the Sea Horse Club's event. The Sea Horse tournament is also the last of the Triple Crown Series. At the time of this writing everyone is most likely at the awards presentation and we don't want to call, interrupting them for the report. The boats fishing the BTS are: Click Through, Uno Mas and Freedom. Our friend Capt. James Barnes did send us a Day 2 report See Triple Crown Report We welcome Sandman and Ohana!

Bermuda Triangle Series Update: First Place Angler - Lopaka Robello 1100 points (Click Through). Second Place - Jimmy Brasher - 1000 points (Freedom). Third Place - Bill Gooch 500 points (Uno Mas). Top Team - Team Freedom 2000 points. 2nd. Team Click Through 1766 points. 3rd. Team Uno Mas 500 points. Next they fish the St. Thomas leg inside of the ABMT "Boy Scout". Congratulations to Team Click Through and Capt. Matt Mauldwin/crew for their overall win of the Bermuda Triple Crown Series! See BTC Website