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09/03/10 - St. Thomas made it through Earl with minimal damage compared to previous experiences. Quite a few of the boats headed back to the States and about half the fleet is here to fish the Sept. Moon. Anegada took a beating, we heard from Lawrence Wheatly last night - Hotel is fine but every dock in Anegada is gone (exception of the Govt. dock) and his boats (Basic Lady, lobster boat and Clinton's 31' Bertram) are all up on the beach. Lawrence is optimistic and will get back to us on Monday if he feels we can overnight with them during the last leg of the Spanish Main Series (Sept. 16-17). AYH docks came through fine and the water is clearing up.

We are in the hunker down mode with the eye of hurricane Earle passing NE of us this afternoon. The boats all went to Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico to sit it out. 10 a.m. Mon. not much wind or rain as yet. 3 p.m. The eye of is now about 63 miles NNE of STT and all's well. Anegada must be feeling it because the NHC's latest report showed the wind at 125 mph. Best part is the power has remained on! 5 p.m. Wind speed at eye is now at 135 mph. 1 a.m. (Tues.) Earl is now 130 miles NW of us on it's possible track to the eastern seaboard. It blew pretty hard and there is expected damage to these islands, especially in the BVI. Power is out on STT.

08/26/10 - Dean Barnes Photo. The 2010 ABMT "Boy Scout" (38th Annual) is now in the history books. Last night at the awards dinner with 400 guests in attendance - we thanked the anglers, their crews, our sponsors, our volunteers and we also thanked the Weather Gods! Operating a tournament in the height of hurricane season is risky business. The tournament was a financial success for the Boy Scouts and the boats all caught at least one blue marlin during the contest. The official release total was 141 blue marlin for the 41 boats (none boated and all caught on 50 lb. test). Sandra MacMillan of Sandman was the top angler and she became the 5th female angler to win the event. Congratulations to Capt. Neil Orange and crew and we hope their luck continues into the future. Awards banquet photos by Richard "Doc" Gibson.

We also wish to thank our web readers for their support (1,206 unique visitors signed on yesterday) and for signing up for the first ever "Boat Pool" for ABMT web viewers. There were 6 players who picked lucky number 11 and their names all went into a bowl. The winner was Steven Langlois of Miami, Florida. Steven please contact us toll free at 1-888-234-7484 to receive your prizes. Lucky Number Results! We pray that our friends in Bermuda will be spared of the pending hurricane threats and we are signing off to get some needed rest!

08/25/10 - We are underway. Lots of things are going on today - the Last Day Shoot Out has 27 boats in for a $114,750 winner takes all pot. We also have the Jim Smith Race from the Edge starting at 4:40 this afternoon for a 500 gal fuel prize. Unofficial - First place: Sandman. Second Place: Big Oh. Third: Therapy. Done Deal won the race from the Edge. Thanks to everyone for following the tournament!

08/25/10 - LIVE REPORT (HIT REFRESH OFTEN) - 4:24 p.m. DAY 4. Everyone is on their toes out there! Boats shown with numbers in orange are in for the Last Day Shoot Out. Sandman (4), De-Bait-Able (1), Chach (1), Black Gold (1), Hook N Bull (3), Rude Awakening (1), Ohana (4), Big Oh (3), Marlin Darlin (1), Peje (1), Vintage (1), DaBait (2), Freedom (2), Black Pearl (1), Fa-La-Me (2), No Excuse (1), Free Enterprise (3), Done Deal (1), Southpaw (1). Final Reporting will come later.

08/24/10 - Photo right: In front with 8 blue marlin is the Therapy. Boat owner George Lorton in center stands with fellow anglers and crew showing five fingers - representing their release of five blue marlin yesterday. They had better not take their eyes off the prize because there is still one more day of fishing! Tomorrow is also the "Last Day Shootout" and a good payday for the boat that catches the most blue marlin. Those who are behind without hope of winning the tournament can come out a big single day winner!

A 'Lay Day' today but most of the fishermen are doing what they love - fishing! The wives are in town doing what they like to do best... shopping! Tonight is the Full Moon Party at the Ritz and tomorrow is the last day of fishing. We are having a wonderful tournament and wish everyone could be here to share it. Yesterday a one day record of 1096 unique visitors to the website! We trust that you are getting the updates that you need - we know that those holding lucky number 36 must be excited! Remember, if multiple players picked the same number... they go into a hat and a winner is drawn. Stay tuned!!

08/23/10 - LIVE REPORT 5:46 p.m. - HIT REFRESH OFTEN: DAY 3. Click Through (2), Gulf Rascal (2), Uno Mas (2), Hook N Bull (1), Lady Brianna (1), Big Oh (3), De-Bait-Able (1), Therapy (5), Never Enough (1), Sandman (3), Free Enterprise (1), Fa-La-Me (2), Southpaw (2), Black Gold (2), Done Deal (1), Reel Tight (1), Fishizzle (1), GZ-Girl (1), Peje (2), Hoosier Buddy (2), Prime Time PR (1). Reel Pushy (1), Rude Awakening (1), Sea Angel (1), Freedom (1). 41 blue marlin caught and released today!! Third Day Unofficial Standings - Top Boats of Day 3: Therapy 1st place with 5 releases! Sandman 2nd with 3! Overall: Therapy 1st with 8 total blues! Big Oh 2nd with 6. Chach takes 3rd with 5. Great fishing everyone! Enjoy the rest day tomorrow!

08/22/10 - DAY 2. 8:30 A.M. Lines are in the water! Another beautiful day here in Paradise and it looks like the storm to the SE is going to give us a break. See the link above for Day 1 results. Photo left: In the Virgin Islands we put our fish on the cake, not on the dock!

LIVE 5:39 p.m. EST REPORT - HIT REFRESH OFTEN: 2:19 PM 8/22/2010 Black Gold is first boat to hook up! Lost it. Free Enterprise (2), Revenge (1), Never Enough (1), Reel Tight (1), Reel Worthless (1), Done Deal (1), Therapy (1), No Excuse (3), Chach (2), Sandman (2), Prime Time PR (1), Lady Brianna (4) Lady Brianna released two of their four on a double header! Bandolera (1), Gulf Rascal (1), Southpaw (2) Southpaw released their first fish after over a 3 hour fight! Ohana (1), Black Gold (1), Uno Mas (2), Topless (1), Mixed Bag (1), Peje (2), Big Oh (2), Hoosier Buddy (1). 34 blue marlin released today! Second Day Unofficial Standings - Top Boats of Day 2: Lady Brianna 1st - No Excuse 2nd. Overall: Chach 1st with 5 blues - Lady Brianna 2nd with 4 - Click Through 3rd with 3. Congratulations to everybody and good luck to all tomorrow!

08/21/10 - AND THEY ARE OFF! THE WEATHER IS BEAUTIFUL - MAY THE BEST WIN THE 38TH. ANNUAL ABMT. Photo right: Flag raising ceremony - Janet Russell sings Star Spangled Banner in honor of her late husband Nicky Russell the Mighty Whitey.

LIVE 5:00 EST REPORT - HIT REFRESH OFTEN: Hook N Bull (1), Click Through (3), Prime Time PR (2), Big O (1), Reel Addiction (1), Sharky's Revenge (1), Chach (3), Marlin Darlin (2), Rude Awakening (1), Black Gold (1), De-Bait-Able (2), Marlin Prince (1), Da Bait (1), Amirita (2), Ohana (1), Mixed Bag (1) Mixed Bag got their fish after a 5 hour and 40 minute fight. The marlin was finally tagged and released! GZ-Girl (1), Therapy (2), Black Pearl (2). Twenty-nine releases by 41 boats. First Day Unofficial Standings - Click Through 1st. - Chach 2nd. - De-Bait-Able or Black Pearl in 3rd place (decision will be based on observer's form and time of release shown).

08/20/10 - The fishing was good today. Tonight we had the Kick Off Party and tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. the flag will be raised and the prayer said by Capt. Mike Latham. The fleet will then take off for Day 1 fishing. viewer's Boat Pool! 41 boats are entered. If your lucky number was over 41, your boat is now number #41. 180 have signed up so far and the boat names will be drawn from the hat tonight but not disclosed until 8:30 tomorrow (Sat.) morning. It's going to be fun to watch your boat live!

ABMT Press Release 1.

08/19/10 - The Board of Captain's dinner party was a fun time last night with Capt. Eddie Morrison getting roasted by his friends. Capt. Ray Walters gave the gift of Eddie's height and weight in Cruzan Rum. Gray Ingram's Big Oh was 4/4 on blue marlin yesterday and most of the boats saw fish. The observers arrive today and it looks like a slate of 42 boats! Tonight is the Woo Woo party at XO, the traditional group chant to the late Russ 'Beast Master' Hensley is a sight to behold!

08/18/10 - Many of the anglers are arriving today in time for a practice day tomorrow. Tonight is the Captains Party and then the XO Woo Woo party comes tomorrow tonight after the observers arrive. Anglers - Final day to register is tomorrow. Birthday girl (today) Laurie Dieter is in for a nice surprise - she'll arrive this afternoon to find out that she's going to be an angler on Reel Addiction in the tournament! "boat pool" for our viewers! | Tournament Activities