welcome to the super bowl of sportfishing! it pays to play! observer information bts leg #1 harbour island, bahamas bts leg #2 bermuda where the granders lurk! bts leg #3 us virgin islands


5/3 - Revenge 0/1 in half day. Tune in later for the May moon!

5/2 - Revenge 1/1, Bluefin II 1/1, Mixed Bag (sm boat) 0/1. Sam (10 blues 3 whites this stretch) will fish half day tomorrow.

5/1 - Revenge 2/5. A day and a half to go on this moon. South of Frenchman's Cap.

4/30 - Scott Steele's Topless 1/2. Revenge 1/3+1. Jenning's quotes for the day - How many you see today Sam? "I saw two but I'm sure they (crew) saw more than I did." How's your new knee? "It's good..." Any pain? "No." Did they give you a ten year warrantee? "Nope... but they gave me a life-time guarantee."

4/29 - Revenge - Sam 1/4. Not a bad day on the South drop.

4/28 - Top Boat was Marlin Prince with 2 whites. Revenge 0/0. Two blues seen by the 4 boat fleet.

4/27 - Revenge went 3 for 3 on blues today and they also released a white.

4/26 - St. Thomas Fishing Report - Sam Jennings and crew are picking away at the marlin on the South Drop. They were 1 for 2 yesterday on blues and 1 for 1 on blues and 1 for 1 on whites today. Marlin Prince had a bunch of meatfish (wahoo, dolphin and blackfins) and they released a white. Didn't catch reports from others but it is definatly picking up! Dean reports the South of Puerto Rico is also hot... lets hear a report from that area. Read Mike Fuller's St. Croix report under our "Global Reports" page at Global Reports

We are starting to get reservations in for our tournaments now... please let us know if you are fishing with us in Abaco, Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Observers must be scheduled!