Let us pray –


        In the book of Genesis, the Bible tells us that on the fifth day of creation God made the birds of the air and the fish of the sea and it was good!  As we begin the next five days of our love of the sea let us be thankful for the comradeship of our fellow anglers, crews, observers and all of the men, women and Boy Scouts who work so hard to make this event possible.  Help us to see each other not as competitors but companions.

        As we head to the North Drop we can remember that wherever we go in life God doesn’t just point the way but is always beside us as we travel.

        During the wait for that magical moment of a strike, let us remember those who are waiting for a meal, for financial aid, medical care or waiting for the reuniting of their families.  Let us be as excited to help those less fortunate than us as we are about a bite. 

        In the moment of battle with God’s magnificent creatures, let us not forget the men and women around the world who are fighting for our freedom and the forces of the oppressors of the poor.

        If we should be lucky enough to release our catch, let us also release our self-centered thoughts of envy, pride, jealousy and greed and replace them with thanks for all our blessings.  Or if we experience the losing side of the game, let us not lose the memories of our family and friends especially Don, Jim, Danny, Lynsey, Stewie, Dezi, Hap and all those are with us in spirit today.

        We pray that at the end of each glorious day of fishing and the completion of this competition that God has awarded us the greatest prize we can ever receive – the gifts of faith, hope and love.  May we share these blessing with each and every person we meet! 

        In God’s name we ask this!

        Let us all say AMEN!


Capt. Ray Walters 08/13/08