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Honorary Board of Captains
ABMT – Honorary Board of Captains (BOC)

Who are they?
How do I become a BOC member?
How many members are elected annually?

The ABMT Honorary Board of Captains (BOC) is made up of a prestigious group of professional fishermen who’s role is to maintain the high degree of competition for which the tournament is known. The Tournament mandates that the Board Members:

1. Adhere to the structure of an “anglers” tournament, guarding against any attempt by others to deviate from the founding design.

2. Place high priority on the survival of the fish and the integrity of the sport.

The original duty of this prestigious group was to recommend observers, to act as a "Weather Committee" and to serve as ambassadors for the tournament. In year 2000 the BOC were further empowered when they were awarded custody over the ABMT fishing rules. They may also assist by voting other Captains to the Board. The idea is insure that the ABMT is guided in the future with professional fishermen at the helm. Four (4) members may be elected annually.

To become a member of the ABMT/BOC one must submit the following instruments:

1. Form letter (click here for application form) stating why you would like to become a board member. Include your fishing experience and any contributions that you feel you have provided to the sport of big game fishing. Form must contain the signature of five (5) ABMT BOC members willing to recommend the applicant.

2. Copy of current Captain’s license. Please provide copy of other credentials (IGFACOP, IGFA Certified Captain, Fishing Club Membership(s), etc.).

Additionally, you must have participated in the ABMT at least two (2) years as an angler, captain, mate or observer. You will be required to state that you agree with the philosophies of the tournament in regards to conservation and in the maintenance of rules that preserve an “anglers” tournament.

Postal mail applications to Tournament Director, USVI Open – ABMT, 6616 Estate Nadir, St. Thomas, VI 00802-1500. Fax application documents to (340) 779-8605.

Applications will be considered during the annual business meeting of the ABMT/BOC held following the annual tournament. If your application is approved, your name will appear on the ABMT/BOC list by January 1st of the following year.