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Bermuda - Where the Granders Lurk!

Bermuda has always been a popular tourist destination - Sand, Sun and Sea - but to Big Game Fishermen it is recognized as one of the "hot spots" of the world! More and more anglers are flocking there in hopes of fulfilling their dream of catching a "Grander" during their career. And true enough, if you put your time in here - you'll eventually look back to find a monster in your spread! Local charter captain, Capt. Alan Card of "Challenger" fame has guided his clients to six granders and he has seen a fish that would dwarf the existing world record!!

If you're planing to take your boat to Bermuda, you'll want to make sure your vessel is in tip top mechanical shape, with a spare of everything onboard. You'll also be wise to know that your tanks are clean and to figure out your exact fuel burn before attempting this open ocean jaunt. The closest point of departure to Bermuda is the Carolinas (a 575 mile hike) and if you are fishing the first leg of the Bermuda Triangle Series - The "Bahamas Open" the northeasterly trek is approximately 800 bluewater miles. If you know of others making the same trip, it would be a good idea to hook up and travel together. Call BTS headquarters at (340) 775-9500 for info on others who are planning the same trip. We think it's best to fly there and to charter the local boats!


The sparkling clean and freshly painted town of Hamilton is located in the middle of the island, a twenty-minute taxi ride from the airport. There are many hotels and guesthouses to choose from (ask our sponsor hotels for tournament rates) and getting around is by walking or taking taxis. If you are brave and can navigate from the left - there is also the option of a rental scooter!

An idea for a great day of sightseeing (allowing the professionals to do the driving) we recommend your catching public bus #7 from the town terminal. You'll travel in clean, air-conditioned comfort and see Bermuda's south shore (beaches, old lighthouse, beautiful homes, golf courses, etc.) before winding up at the historic Royal Navy Dockyard at the end of the island. Purchase an all day pass from the ferry terminal (on the waterfront in Hamilton - be sure to request the pass that includes both bus and ferry) and hop on and off the bus as many times as you like! The nice part is that wherever you stop, there is always another bus in thirty minutes! We recommend taking the ferry back on your return to Hamilton.

Bermuda is steeped in history and as you move about Hamilton, you'll notice that the islanders have resisted change, paying attention to historical detail, preserving their beautiful town


Located in the heart of Hamilton and nearby the hotels and shopping district, is the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. This famous club is a nautical museum in its own right, full of coveted sailing trophies and walls that are lined with photos of famous sailors and the racing yachts of days gone past. Fortunately for the visiting sports fishermen - the club's membership has opened its doors to serve as a seasonal docking facility. There is limited dock space in in Bermuda and you are advised to make early arrangements.

To contact the RBYC email or call: David Furtado Tel: 441-295-2214. Fax: 441-295-6361. Email David Furtado: email

There are other dockage facilities to be found: Try the following:

PW's Marina - Contact Michael Shaw at 441-777-3625 or email him: email

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club - Contact Jenny Mello, Club Secretary at Tel: 441-236-4411. Email: email

Dock Yard Marina - Mark Osinga at Tel: 441-234-0300 Email: email

Capt. Smokes Marina - Robert Oatley at Tel. 441-297-1940 Email: email

Bermuda Yacht Services - St. Georges - Mark Soares at www.bermudayachtservices.com 441-334-7245 Email: email

If you are planning to fish Bermuda - you must apply for a fishing permit. Contact: Albert Trott (441) 535-4614 or Derek Excell: 441-535-4611. Reporting is Necessary! Prior to your vessel's arrival to Bermuda, you must contact "Harbour Radio" on channel 16. They will notify the St. George Yacht Reporting Center (Customs) and they will instruct you on the proceedure for checking in. For advance information on the documentation needed and reporting proceedure, contact them at 441-297-1247 or 441-297-1226

Fishermen headed to Bermuda can use a local contact and we have a great recommendation! His name is Bobby Rego and he owns Fly Bridge Tackle. Bobby is very knowledgeable about the sport and he is an authority on the Bermuda fishing scene. Bobby's Fly Bridge Tackle will help you find the best charter boat and they have most of your bait and tackle needs. What they don't have in stock - they'll order and get it to you quickly! Tel. 441-295-1845 Contact Bobby: email


A favorite with our anglers! The Fairmont Hamilton Princess overlooks the picturesque harbor of Bermuda and it features all the amenities that you expect of a first class property. Just a short walk from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and other marinas where boats are staying, this is the host hotel of "Bermuda Open" Awards Banquet. Tel. (800) 441-1414 or 441-295-3000 and be sure to mention that you are participating in the Bermuda Triangle Series. Visit the Fairmont Hamilton Princess website:“Fairmont Hamilton Princess”


The Rosemont is a great recommendation for those who are planning to bring the family and for those who want to avoid the busy atmosphere of a large hotel. The Rosemont overlooks the Bermuda harbor and is located just a block from the Fairmont and a short walk to the RBYC and the marinas. This is a family operated poolside property that offers both simplicity and comfort. "Angler" rates are available if you mention that you are fishing the "Bermuda Triangle Series."

Visit their website: go there
Contact manager at the Rosemont: Tel. (800) 367-0040 or email email


In the morning work rush you'll see Johnny Barnes at the roundabout - blessing the drivers as they circle past him - and then you'll notice the owners waving back and honking their horns in appreciation! Johnny puts an early morning smile on your face and its no wonder the community loves him so much. The story goes that Johnny retired years back and against the wishes of his wife, Johnny took up a new job, appointing himself the morning greeter! Johnny has become a Bermuda legend and to prove it - you'll pass a full size statue that was cast in his honor!

BERMUDA LIGHT HOUSE This is great side trip for those who enjoy history and don't mind the heights. Driving the south shore road - you'll come upon an 1800's lighthouse sitting on top of a hill, one that as you can imagine, has survived the forces of many a devastating hurricane. To this day it still serves, warning passing mariners of the barrier reefs that surround the island. The climb up the stairs of the lighthouse is well worth the effort - you'll learn the history of the structure and there is a view the whole island from the top!


The charter fleet in Bermuda is one of the best there is! They have a wealth of big game fishing experience and they can boast of a great fishery to boot! There aren't too many places in the world where you can anchor or drift for yellowfins in the morning - switch to trolling the edge for wahoo - then move off into the deep for the very real possibility of seeing a monster blue marlin! These charter captains are a helpful bunch and they invite you to come fish their waters.

Book early for the tournaments!

Contact Them!

Top photo - Capt. Allen De Silva "Mako"
Tel. 441-505-8626 Boat
or 441-295-0835 Office
Email Or visit website: go there

Photo right - Captain Kevin Winter's “Playmate” Tel. 441-292-7131 or Cell 441-335-5172.
Email Or visit website: go there

Photo below (yellow hull) - Capt. Alan Card's "Challenger" Tel. 441-234-0872 or 441-337-2109 Email or visit his website: go there

Photo below right - Capt. Peter Rans "Overproof" 441-238-5663 or 441-335-9850
Email or visit website go there

Photo Below - Capt. Cragin Curtis "Reel Addiction" Tel. 441-799-9927 or 441-799-9928 Email or visit website go there

Photo Below - Capt. Brooks Rans "Mattanza" Tel. 441-737-0265 Email

In addition to the boats listed here - there may be others available. If you find these boats are booked, give one of the listed captains a call for their recommendations of others.

Bermuda has many summer tournaments to offer their visitors!

In addition to promoting our own event, we also tout the local club tournaments (contact the charter captains listed above for info) and the "Bermuda Blast" and "Bermuda Big Game Classic". Contact Dan Jacobs for information. email or visit the tournament web site: go there


Fishing Days June 28,29,30

As the name implies, the "Bermuda Open" is open to all anglers on boats in the area.

The second leg of the Bermuda Triangle Series (BTS) is operated out of Hamilton, Bermuda.

The Bermuda Triangle Series travels to three hot fishing destinations (Bahamas, Bermuda and Virgin Islands), but each leg is an "Open" meaning it stands on its own to allow anglers in the area to compete with anglers in the series.

The 2010 Bahamas fishing dates are June 28, 29, 30. The 'Bermuda Open' will offer three great days of fishing!

You also choose your line test - choices are 50, 80, or 130 lb. and naturally there is a proportional point spread See Rules and Point Spread.

We operate a "Modified Release" format, meaning you can boat a large fish, but it won't count for tournament "points" unless it weighs 1000 lbs. or more. We provide ABMT Observers to verify the releases.

The BTS "Bermuda Open" is primarily an "Anglers Tournament" meaning - may the best angler win the prizes and cash awards! The boat owner or team leader of record receives the funds of the Calcutta and Dailys. Visit the RULES button on this site for an explanation of our tournament rules.

You will be fishing for Sailfish, Spearfish, White Marlin and Blue Marlin. Our tournaments are designed for skilled anglers and as with our famous St. Thomas "Boy Scout" event, you'll be fishing against some of the best anglers and crews in the sport. We recommend the charter boats listed above. Call our office at 340-775-9500 or toll Free 1-888-234-7484 if all are booked for more suggestions

$10,000 first prize (based on 10 or more boats signing up) plus many tackle prizes. An exciting Calcutta and Dailys will be offered. The BTS "series" leg winner receives Ed Pang Gold Hook with ruby - or a precious ruby is added to angler's existing hook.


Many of our friends who fish the Bermuda have told us they would like to support our Boy Scouts fund raising effort but our "go with light line to win" Bermuda Triangle Series (BTS) format puts a damper on their style of fishing and their career goal of catching a Grander. We've listened and we've developed an exciting 2 day event for the hard-cores!

June 29-30, 2010

Join our 2 day "Heavy Hitters" Division. It's a slug fest with a simple format... most Blue Marlin wins! The entry fee is just $1500 per boat! The Hitter's Calcutta is a suggested $5,000 per boat but the final $$$ amount and the winner's split will be decided by majority agreement during the anglers meeting. The BSA shall receive 15% of any pot amount. This is an old fashion "boat tournament" without rules on the number of anglers, crew, rods, rotation, line test or fight time.

Observers are supplied to oversee the release and the use of IGFA angling rules. 1000 "points" per blue marlin released and most points wins. Ties are broken by time. Because we represent a youth organization that promotes conservation, any blue marlin that is boated for "personal best" reasons cannot be awarded points unless the fish weighs over the Bahamas record of 1000 pounds or greater. Checks written to BSA are tax deductible. Teams entered into the BTS "Bermuda Open" (series entrants or local entry) that also wish to join the "Heavy Hitters" pot may do so, but the more structured rules of the BTS "Bermuda Open" must prevail. Participants in the "Heavy Hitters" division are invited to all tournament functions.

Register Here Sign Up! -

Register Here See Entry Fees


We wish to thank the entire community of Bermuda and especially the Bermuda Tourism Office for their kind support of the Bermuda leg of the Bermuda Triangle Series.

We ask our contestants to respect the local laws of Bermuda and to utalize the business services of our sponsors. For more information on Bermuda you can go to the Dept. of Tourism website go there